7 things successful people do before 4 a.m

To make sure you start your day in a good way, you need to follow those rules. 7 tips which will change your life and grow your business.

1. Drink skimmed milk

Successful people drink a lot of skimmed milk every morning. Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson would not disagree, “I can easily drink 2 litres of skimmed milk straight after opening my eyes. And don’t even dare to drink Fat-Free milk, it’s an underdog drink that can ruin your day.”

2. Get in a workout

It doesn’t need to be hard and sweaty but a 20-km jog would be just enough. Elon Musk is used to running more than 30 km every morning, he finds inspiration during his run and learnt a lot about himself. Exercise boost your endorphins, it’s scientifically proven, it will grow your business and your muscles.

3. Look at Margaret Thatcher’s profile

Many entrepreneurs have Maggy’s profile picture hang on their wall. Surprisingly it helps them getting focus and set goals early in the morning. There is no scientific explanation but I tried myself and it worked.

“Watching her every morning makes me realize how tough is the world we’re living in. We have to make it better” said Larry Page, co-founder of Google.

4. Take a 10-sec shower

Having a 10 seconds’ shower will help you win a lot of time. You may be used spending 5 minutes or more in the shower, you’re wrong. Just imagine all this wasted time. If you add it up in 10 years you will save up to 300 hours, just enough time to build a billion-dollar startup. Not to mention how much water you will save!

5. Read a German philosopher book

Heidegger, Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx… you have plenty of choices when it comes to German philosophy. It will help you relax and think about straightforward theory.

Mark Zuckerberg advises his top managers to read Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit every morning. “Hegel’s philosophy can reduce stress and double your ROI in the long term,” Mark said.

6. Don’t switch on the light

Before 4 a.m. it’s most probably dark in your room, not switching your light on will help you focus on your true senses. Scientific say that light can change your immune system and weaken your bones. Successful people don’t switch on their light and like to crawl in the dark.

“Spending the first hour in the dark changed my vision of the word. It’s crazy how you see things differently when you don’t see them” says Tim Ferris, entrepreneur and author of The 4-Hour Workweek.

7. Don’t read your email, delete them

Emails are a pain in the ass, they distract you and get you lost from your goals. Checking your inbox will just make you lose time, so just delete it. You will focus on the things that matter and stop answering stupid questions.

Even successful entrepreneur like Henry Ford deleted his emails every morning, “After I delete my emails it’s so much easier to deal with them”.

Aren’t you bored of this kind of article? People telling you what kind of stuff you should do every morning? There are too many people spreading the Word of a so-called “way to success”.

The morning is yours, do whatever you like. Go and eat a greasy burger if you fancy it, go for a run or go for a Netflix show if it helps you get up. You will have enough people telling you what to do the rest of your day. Just know yourself, and do what you think is good for you.

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